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STS9 : Live

STS9 : Live

STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) is slowly but surely starting to become one of those bands that follow you around everywhere. From your hometown venue all the way to those mega-festival lineups, this five-piece jamtronica wonder has been popping up ubiquitously over the past few years. But their growing popularity is welcomed and well deserved. As their successful show on Friday, October 16th at Best Buy Theater in New York indicates, their performances never fail to amaze whether it is your first or hundredth time seeing them live.

The venue quickly filled up after Beard-O-Bees (a solo-side project of Lotus’ Jessie Miller) opened the night. If the night were anything like a typical concert, the packed room would’ve been a nuisance. But the crowd for STS9 was unbelievably friendly and convivial, and the volume only intensified the enthusiasm in the room.

STS9’s usual pyramid visuals were absent last night, likely due to the small size of Best Buy’s stage. But regardless the light show blew everyone away, especially since there were no bobbing totems to cut off the rays.

Alana RocklinFor nearly three hours, Sound Tribe played seamlessly with high spirits, only resting for the brief set break in between. Although Best Buy many not be the most sonically robust venue, the band sounded more intimate and warm at an indoor setting. All five members of the band onstage worked hard and exuded vibrant energy throughout the entire length of the set, including new bassist Alana Rocklin, who continued to show STS9 fans that she was not the ingenuous novice some made her out to be. The night culminated to an intense three-song portion with “Scheme Reprise”, “Kamuy”, and “When the Dust Settles”, eventually lightening up to a happy disco-party-ending with “World Go Round”. Of course, the band came back onstage for an encore featuring their old song “Potamus”, which hasn’t been played live for over eleven years.

Jeffree & Zach wood box solos

Sad you missed it? No worries. STS9 has always been quick to share their set lists and live recordings with fans. You can already download the full set from last night’s show here:

Set list (from STS9’s Facebook page)

SET I: Native End (*) > ReEmergence (*), Vapors, Only Light Remains, Equinox, Golden Gate, 4 Year Puma > Totem

SET II: Oil & Water, Walk to The Light, Blu Mood, Scheme Reprise, Kamuy (@), When The Dust Settles, Ramone & Emiglio, World Go Round

ENCORE: The Human Abstract (*), Potamus (!) > Gobnugget

(*) = Alana Upright aka AXED

(@) = Jeffree & Zach wood box solos

(!) = last time played 6.21.2003


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