Superchunk – Wild Loneliness

After making anger fun, Superchunk make isolation catchy on 'Wild Loneliness'....
Superchunk : Wild Loneliness
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Superchunk : Wild Loneliness

In 2018 (what seems like forever ago), veteran alt-punks Superchunk put out What a Time To Be Alive (QRO review), which managed to make their anger at the era into something that still sounded fun. Now, Wild Loneliness makes said isolation catchy.

Somewhat shifting away from their harder and more frenetic punk energy, Loneliness trades that in for sweet longing that still has hooks, such as with “This Night”, the touching title track (that even has a sax solo!), or the closing emotional knowledge of “If You’re Not Dark”. There is a warning on global warming with “Endless Summer”, but it is more wistful than preaching. And one can’t even tell whether the kid-catch about talking to monsters on “Refracting” is meant to be a political allegory, or just child-like enjoyment.

Longtime Superchunk fans might feel Wild Loneliness isn’t the active punk of “Slack Motherfucker” or “Reagan Youth”, but this is the band showing a different excellent side.

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