• Ozy Fest

    OZY Fest 2019 Preview

    Since 2016, media company OZY has held OZY Fest in New York’s Central Park, bringing together music, comedy, talks, cooking, and more. For 2019, the festival moves out of SummerStage and onto the Great Lawn, Saturday & Sunday, July 20th & 21st....
  • Ozy Fest

    Ozy Fest 2018 Recap

    Ozy Fest came to Central Park SummerStage, with everyone from Hilary Clinton to Passion Pit....
  • Ozy Fest

    Ozy Fest 2018 Preview

    In 2013, former MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson founded Ozy.com, which covers news across the spectrum, tilting toward the younger activist demographic. Two years ago, it launched Ozy Fest at New York’s Central Park SummerStage (QRO venue review), combining music, comedy, and TED Talk style discussions, and it returns this...