Split Single

  • Split Single : Untry Love

    Split Single – “Untry Love”

    Jason Narducy knows who to work with.  The musician serves as bassist in Bob Mould‘s band (QRO live review with Narducy), not to mention touring bassist for Superchunk (QRO live review with Narducy).  In both he also worked with the hilarious drummer Jon Wurster – see them in the...
  • Split Single : Metal Frames

    Split Single – Metal Frames

    Remember when indie-rock didn’t have to do anything but be indie-rock?...
  • Split Single : Fragmented World

    Split Single – Fragmented World

    While he fronted his own group, Verbow, back in the nineties, Jason Narducy has come into view these days via his work in other people’s bands....