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  • QRO Magazine Top 40 Albums of 2008

    Top 40 Albums of 2008 (40-21)

    QRO Magazine Top 40 Albums of 2008

    No matter what music you're into, 2008 was probably a good year for you.  It definitely was for us.  Here's the second half of our...

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    Top 25 Albums of 2007


    Consider that, if not on paper alone, 2007 might be the most important calendar span in indie music's recent memory.  With so many big-name indie artists releasing albums this year, there was no shortage of anticipation, and while expectations were met in a variety of ways,...

  • Top 15 Albums of 2006


    It's been a complex year, with relatively few massive acts to rely on, paving the way for extraordinary inventiveness, bringing us sounds we never thought we'd hear.  It wasn't easy, but we all learned something new in 2006.
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