• AMFest Barcelona 2021 Recap

    AMFest Barcelona 2021 Recap

    Nothing new if I say that the pandemic has caused havoc with festivals everywhere so it was very positive to know that one of the best proposals in Barcelona and Spain, the AMFest (which we covered in past editions), was creating a reduced version for 2021, called “(Parèntesi)”....
  • Primavera Sound 2018 Preview

    Primavera Sound 2018 Recap

    Primavera Sound 2018 was again a really effective showcase of talent and new music, but also of the problems of what happens when a festival this important gets really big, with more that 215,000 attendees. But let’s focus on the music, better, Monday-to-Saturday, May 28th-to-June 2nd, in Barcelona, Spain....
  • Slowdive

    Primavera Sound 2018 Recap – Day Six

    It was a huge Saturday for the sixth day of Primavera Sound '18....