Tame Impala – The Slow Rush

Too often, psychedelica is daunting and less than accessible....
Tame Impala : The Slow Rush
7.6 Interscope

Tame Impala : The Slow Rush


Too often, psychedelica is daunting and less than accessible. It always seems to just be for the music nerds, for the hippie band fans, for the people who never stopped buying vinyl. The long jam sessions, the trippy visuals, the massive number of effects and such can all put off the casual (or sober) listener. And when an act tries to moderate its approach, it becomes mere ‘psych-lite’, lacking what made it stand out in the first place.

However, Kevin Parker’s Tame Impala have found a way to make psychedelia for the masses, like on new album The Slow Rush.

Hardcore psych-rock fans that think rock attained perfection in 1974 (It’s a scientific fact”) might tsk-tsk, but albums like The Slow Rush show why Tame Impala has become headlining-a-festival successful (QRO photos headlining a festival). The psychedelica goes down easy on songs like “One More Year”, “Borderline”, and “Breathe Deeper”. “Lost In Yesterday” is great evening disco-dance, while “It Might Be Time” might be the perfect Tame Impala single.

It’ll never be the seventies again and rock will never have the stage to itself, so one normally wouldn’t expect psychedelia to reach past a niche market. But as Tame Impala, Kevin Parker has managed to psych out everyone.

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