Thank You For Being a Friend Giveaway

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Thank You For Being a Friend Giveaway

Breakfast of Champs Records Prize Package – vinyl or cassette copies of Quilt, COP MAGNET, Total Slacker and WITCH MTN

Burning Mill Records Prize Package – vinyl, cassette or CD offerings of DOM, Golden Girls, Ape Debris, Golden Holy and special mystery surprise release

Super Mixtape Bonanza Package – downloads of mixtapes from bloggers Cream Team, Knox Road, Anti-Gravity Bunny and No Modest Bear



Breakfast of Champions Records Prize Package 

Breakfast of Champs Records Prize Package

BOC Records brings da’ Noise with vinyl and cassette copies of Quilt (Agents of Play), COP MAGNET (Is Max Velocity), Total Slacker (Weekends) and WITCH MTN (Emily Res)!  Start your day off right with "Commodity Spector" by Quilt:

MP3 Stream: "Commodity Spector"

{audio}/mp3/files/Quilt – Commodity Spector.mp3{/audio}



Burning Mills Records Prize Package

Burning Mill Records Prize Package

BM Records brings da’ Funk with vinyl, cassette, and CD offerings of DOM (Sun Bronzed Greek Gods), Golden Girls (Ultimate Freedom), Ape Debris (Funeral Recession), Golden Holy (2 Songs, 7"), and a special mystery surprise release (12" – stay tuned)!  Burn your bridges with DOM:

MP3 Stream: "Burn Bridges"

{audio}/mp3/files/DOM – Burn Bridges.mp3{/audio}


Super Mixtape Bonanza Package

Kudos to these four fav bloggers whose tastes are as varied as they are deep.  Not going to take much to win this one because we don’t want that hard mixtape work to go to waste.  Just drop us a line and we’ll send a link for download.  All bands have been linked, all mixtapes are being distributed for promotional purposes.  Follow the links, buy the album, see the shows, save a life.


Cream Team mixtape

Cream Team – Extra Foamy

Described as, "a late night future funk sex romp: a classy affair", the mixtape "…feels like a late ‘80s-early ‘90s Prince demo sound collage that he would play while seducing Carmen Elektra in one of the velvet dens of Paisley Park!"  Truth.  Try Milyoo’s "Buzzer Beater" on for size:

MP3 Stream: "Buzzer Beater"

{audio}/mp3/files/Milyoo – Buzzer Beater.mp3{/audio}

1.  universaLic – "AUM"

2.  Teen Inc.  – "Fountains"

3.  Elephant and Castle – "The Look"

4.  Indigo Pyramid – "When I Think About You"

5.  Onyx Ashanti – "Interstellar Ribshack"

6.  Mahni – "‘91"

7.  Huess – "Broke"

8.  Shabazz Palaces – "32 Leaves"

9.  Milyoo – "Buzzer Beater"

10.  Star Slinger – "Longtime"

11.  Onra – "Don’t Stop"

12.  Kenobii – "Chelonia Cartilaginous"

13.  Annu – "Runner"

14.  Filthy Ingredients – "Brochures"


Knox Road mixtape 

Knox Road – SFM

The crew at Knox Road put together a mix that will remind you of your favorite underground radio station.  No agenda, no ideology; just great songs one after another: a solid fucking mix.  Give The Farewell Circuit a listen:

MP3 Stream: "I Am a Ghost"

{audio}/mp3/files/The Farewell Circuit – I Am a Ghost.mp3{/audio}

1.  The Farewell Circuit – "I Am a Ghost"

2.  Jose Vanders – "These Times"

3.  Hands – "Hold"

4.  Ted Wendler – "Darlin’"

5.  Tallest Trees – "Alouette!"

6.  Letting Up Despite Great Faults – "Our Younger Noise"

7.  The Dirty Diamonds – "The Right Direction"

8.  Magic Man – "Like Sailors"

9.  Lanterns on the Lake – "Lungs Quicken"

10.  Castledoor – "Flashlight"

11.  ortoPilot – "Stay One More Day"

12.  Scenic Square – "I Don’t Want To Go"

13.  Milly Beau – "Free You In The Meanwhile"

14.  ARMS – "Heat & Hot Water"

15.  Maur Due & Lichter – "Epilogue"


Anti-Gravity Bunny mixtape

Anti-Gravity Bunny – Boil

If you picked one word to describe Anti-Gravity Bunny’s mixtape, it would have to be drone.  But what a lonely little word that is, and what a poor job it does to tell the story of what might be one of the most challenging of all four mixtapes.  Boil boasts deep, experimental cuts from start to finish, for a solid, full-bodied 40-minute journey.  Feel the burn of opener "We’ve Lost a Day" by Lonesummer:

MP3 Stream: "We’ve Lost a Day"

{audio}/mp3/files/Lonesummer – Weve Lost a Day.mp3{/audio}

1.  Lonesummer – "We’ve Lost a Day"

2.  Halflings – "Burning Ambition"

3.  The Vomit Arsonist – "Choke"

4.  Kanin Krusete – "Veteran Plates"

5.  Russell Haswell – "High Force From Above"

6.  Millipede – "Surf"

7.  The Conet Project – "5 Note Version ‘Czech Lady’"

8.  Ultra Bonbon – "Resplendent City"

9.  Wilt – "SVF"

10.  Gerritt Wittmer – "Untitled 2"

11.  Marinos Koutsomichalis – "Untitled 6"

12.  Kouhei Matsunaga – "291107"


No Modest Bear mixtape

No Modest Bear – QMIX

Hailing from the west coast of Sweden, No Modest Bear has got a nice read on the best of what’s happening in new electronic music on the Transatlantic scene.  Here’s a little Com Truise to get you started:

MP3 Stream: "Pyragony"

{audio}/mp3/files/Com Truise – Pyragony.mp3{/audio}

1.  Meth Dad – "The One"

2.  Elephant and Castle – "All 303’s Go To Heaven"

3.  How to Dress Well – "Ecstasy With Jojo"

4.  Com Truise – "Pyragony"

5.  Teengirl Fantasy – "Cheaters"

6.  Die Neue Mythologen – "Deutsch-Afrikanische Freundenschaft"

7.  ending in ing – "Honest"

8.  DannielRadall – "Alone Again"

9.  Cosmic Sound – "Video Tape"

10.  Taragana Pyjarama – "Girls"

11.  nihiti – "Black Cars (A Sinistra)"

12.  Star Slinger – "May I Walk With You?"

13.  Pandit – "Scotch"


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