The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt

New Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem have found a very nice spot for themselves....
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The Gaslight Anthem : Get HurtNew Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem have found a very nice spot for themselves, delivering evocative rock ‘n’ roll that derives equal parts from punk and Springsteen, yet doesn’t get overdone in the emotional department. It is such a nice place that 2012’s Handwritten (QRO review) felt a little like ‘more of the same,’ but there wasn’t anything wrong with that. In the lead-up to the release of Get Hurt, singer/songwriter Brian Fallon stated that it would be a departure, something with risk and reward. However instead, Get Hurt is ‘just’ another strong Gaslight Anthem record.

While Handwritten mixed amazing singles like opener ““45”” with filler material, Get Hurt is an evener album from start to finish. Fallon brings the evocative sound that he is known for on songs like the title track and closer “Dark Places”, while “Helter Skeleton” is a great mix of touch, catch, and rock. There are some stretches, stylistically, such as harder rock starter “Stay Vicious” (reminiscent of Manchester Orchestra), or the acoustic & intimate Fallon on the penultimate “Break Your Heart”, but this is decidedly a Gaslight Anthem record.

It’s been hard to argue with The Gaslight Anthem’s winning formula, and if Get Hurt isn’t a game-changer, it’s definitely another strong argument in favor of The Gaslight Anthem being The Gaslight Anthem.

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