The Sounds – Things We Do For Love

The Sounds know who they are....
The Sounds : Things We Do For Love
7.4 Arnioki

The Sounds : Things We Do For LoveThe Sounds know who they are.  The Swedish act is proud of their big, unabashed electro-rock, which they have been bringing for over two decades now.  Yes, they’re older now, many with kids, and the world has changed since those now-seemingly-innocent Y2K days.  But The Sounds still deliver their big Sound on Things We Do For Love.

Opening with the title track, Things is the pushing electro-rock that the band is known for, such as with that song, the darker “Hollow”, and pressing killer “Dim the Lights”.  There are moments of change, like the slow eighties nighttime drive downtown “Miami” closer, or the stripped-down prior track, “Home”, but this is a Sounds record, through-and-through.

If The Sounds haven’t grown greatly in style as the years have gone by, they have further honed what they already do best.  So, put down you hipster pitchforks and just enjoy Things We Do For Love.

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