The Zombies – Still Got That Hunger

Just like they were when starting out with 'Begin Here/The Zombies' in 1965, on 'Still Got That Hunger' The Zombies are everything that classic rock was meant to be....
The Zombies : Still Got That Hunger
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The Zombies : Still Got That Hunger


Just like they were when starting out with Begin Here/The Zombies in 1965, on Still Got That Hunger The Zombies are everything that classic rock was meant to be. Optimism and sweet free spirited lyrics surrounded by massive guitar lines with admittedly more keyboard than many ‘60s bands. There have been shifts in the lineup over the years (Tim Toomey has been added to this release), but the core sound remains here.

The record begins more like their edgier side with “Moving On”; this is an intriguing way to start, as it combines all the charisma and guitar into a big city jam type song. While a nice surprise, they get back to their default mode after that. The second track “Chasing the Past” has interesting piano and less of a wild flare than the first. “And We Were Young Again” and “Edge of the Rainbow” are great with the best nostalgia medicine one could want in the lyrics.

“Little One” on the other hand, is not quite as emotional as the numerous romantic ballads on here. This number is more along the lines of a twisting serenade flight of piano and pop, with more of a rhythmic jaunt than the others. “Now I Know I’ll Never Get Over You” likewise is really interesting but has a diverting combination of ‘80s sound in the chorus and jaunty piano. “New York” is just a ‘60s jam, expansive and loud, but not as artistic as the other songs.

There are some middling tracks on Still Got That Hunger. “New York” and “Little One” may not appeal to everyone, but overall The Zombies really come through with an interesting mixture of rock ballads and piano rock. “Beyond the Borderline” is a really interesting way to end the record, as it runs through some philosophical rapture in keyboard as well as vocal melody, ending the song with sentimental guitar. Just a really good song that emphasizes the sappy happy vulnerability the Zombies do well. Whether The Zombies were going for this or not, anyone who liked the hits “She’s Not There” and “Time of the Season” will find Still Got That Hunger appealing.

The Zombies – And We Were Young Again

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