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<img src="" alt=" " />Another high, fuzzy enchantment comes out of The Coast of Lake Erie....
7.9 Aporia

 Another high, fuzzy enchantment comes out of The Coast of Lake Erie. Toronto’s The Coast made a splash last year with their debut, self-titled EP in their native Canada, and now it comes to The States.  Definitely fitting into the Toronto-Montreal axis of fuzzy guitar effects and high, atmospheric melody, The Coast still do all it well.

Opener “All Farewells” starts The Coast off on the right note, not just high and evocative, but also pretty and touching.  Even stronger is the following “Circles”, thanks to its swishing nature.  While “Take a Walk Outside” is more of a carrying number, “The Lines Are Cut” is more smashing & crashing, with interesting, but not over done, echoes.  A ‘mood’ record, it’s tough to pick a standout or slacker on the EP, but the penultimate “Evening’s Heights” just might be the former, and finisher “Harbour Lights” just might be the latter.  “Heights” combines a carrying effect with not just great Canadian fuzz but also a bit of pressure.  “Lights”, though, is more of an ‘epic’ post-rock number, and might be a step too far.

Don’t confuse The Coast with some Canadian retread, either (for one thing, there’s only four of them…).  They’ve got a sweet, soft, enchanting sound that goes well on either side of Lake Erie.

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