The Forms : Derealization EP

<img src="" alt="The Forms : Derealization EP" /><u>Much</u> more than a 'remix album' by this new Forms. ...
The Forms : Derealization EP
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The Forms : Derealization EP


Most remixes aren’t worth the paper they’re not printed on.  The music industry, from the bands to their promoters to the blogs that promote them, might not want you to hear that, since a lot of the new ‘bonus content’ put out on the interwebs these days are remixes of prior material, oftentimes by other artists, with the less well-known one hooking into the better-known’s profile, and the better-known’s getting the ‘indie cred’ from the lesser-known artist.  But most remixes are like giveaways from trade show booths – given free because not only would no one pay for them, but in reality you’ll just be throwing them away anyway.

But a complete exception to this is The Forms’ new Derealization EP, which is much more than a ‘remix album’.

While the Brooklyn outfit do ‘reimagine’ songs from 2007’s The Forms (QRO review), this is the band’s first released material since The Forms, and since losing half their band, and then getting & losing a new guitarist, leaving them at the core of singer/keyboardist Alex Tween (QRO interview, before all of that) and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Matt Walsh.  Since returning as a two-piece, the duo plays with both standing, Walsh surrounded by instruments and Tween wearing a Madonna/Rent-style headset (QRO photos).  The new arrangement naturally lends itself to new interpretations of their old material, practically forces it, so Tween & Walsh took that opportunity and went for it, making Derealization.

They also took the chance to recruit some guest-stars, most notably The National (QRO spotlight on) singer Matt Berninger for EP opener "Fire To the Ground".  Previously "Redgun", this new version is more effective with a reduced and higher quality, something that holds true throughout the EP.  "Steady Hand" (previously "Bones", now featuring Andrew Thiboldeaux of Pattern Is Movement – QRO photos) and "Alpha Wave" (previously "Alpha", and the only song whose new name is at all like its old one) are more overarcing and meaningful, while "Same Path Mantra" (previously "Knowledge In Hand") becomes high harmony laid over ‘tronic beats.

Whether these new versions are superior to the originals is kind of an apples and oranges question, though the title track going airy and ephemeral loses some of the substance of original "Focus" – and not sure which Forms piece was turned into the slightly meandering "Finally" (featuring Craig Wedren of Shudder To Think – QRO photos).  This is a new form from the Forms, giving life to the stale ‘remix’ concept.

MP3 Stream: "Fire To the Ground"

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