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<img src="" alt=" " />The dueling, dueting Jealous Girlfriends pull out all the stops on their self-titled sophomore release....
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 The dueling, dueting Jealous Girlfriends pull out all the stops on their self-titled sophomore release. The Brooklyn band is perhaps best known for songs featured on such female-friendly television series as Showtime’s The L Word (the one about lesbians) and ABC’s McDream-errific Grey’s Anatomy.  But with The Jealous Girlfriends, they’ve established and expanded their high, fuzzy indie-rock sound.

Most of the tracks on The Jealous Girlfriends feature guitarist Holly Miranda (the only actual girl in the band) on lead vocals, such as the up-close and intimate opener, “Secret Identity”.  However, fellow guitarist Josh Abbott kind of takes it one step further when he leads on the driving follower, “How Now”.  But the record is perhaps best when they share the mike on “The Pink Wig To My Salieri”.  This expansive piece is reminiscent of the best of such other Brooklyn indie-rockers The National (QRO live review) and Pela (QRO live review), but higher in its carry.

Miranda’s voice is still perhaps the most remarkable feature to The Jealous Girlfriends, though it’s not always used perfectly.  “Roboxulla” is a little twee, but gets better when the beat really kicks in.  Stronger is “Organs On the Kitchen Floor”, where Miranda delivers some soul-singer vocals that are a nice change on the record.

There’s also a push-pull between higher, fuzzier indie-rock, and more of a guitar-focused, grittier sound, with the latter forming more of the album.  Middle track “I Quit” is high and fuzzy, but also catchy, while the second half of The Jealous Girlfriends has some even more atmospheric pieces like “Hieroglyphics”, “Machines”, and the best of this bunch, finisher “Carry Me”.  Guitar-rock is most prominent with the back-to-back “Something In the Water” and “Gift Horse”; the staccato drive of the former is clearly superior to the rather droning nature of the latter.

Having just completed tours opening for Kevin Devine and Nada Surf (QRO album review), The Jealous Girlfriends are about to head out cross-country with Sea Wolf.  The Jealous Girlfriends is a strong marker for the band, who look set to go bigger and bigger.

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