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<img src="" alt=" " />Before their stop on tour in Boston with Cut Copy, we talked to The Presets.   ...

The Presets : Q&ABefore their stop on tour in Boston with Cut Copy, we talked to The Presets.   It was a quick glimpse into the Aussies’ success back home while they’re currently making entire venues shake nightly in America.

QRO: On your website, you made a menu out of a video of a camera moving around the room revealing different section titles.  Whose idea was that?

Julian Hamilton: That was two guys.  Jonathan Zawada, our artistic director who does our CD art and Kris Moyes who directed a couple videos of ours.  It’s such a cool thing – we love it.

QRO: What’s the biggest benefit the internet gives your band? 

JH: It’s definitely made it a lot easier for us.  For instance, back home now, we just put up a post on MySpace about shows coming up and they sell out without even having to advertise them anymore.

QRO: Apocalypso charted really well [in Australia] and seems to be loaded with hit singles.  Are you especially proud of it for that? 

JH: Yeah, we were proud of it when we finished it.  Then, of course, when it goes to #1 and goes platinum, it’s definitely an added bonus.  But, I guess we’re more proud that an album like that can go #1, you know what I mean?

We never thought we’d sell more records than bloody Mariah Carey.

It’s gone crazy back home.

QRO: [The new single] “Talk Like That” just came out in the UK and America, but it’s not out in Australia yet.  Do you have particular expectations for its success in each country?

JH: Not really.  I guess every artist would like to be big in America, but I leave that up to the record company.

QRO: In that video, a young lady goes berserk on a set of equipment in a sort-of shrine to you two.  What was your initial reaction to it?

JH: It was really cool.  It was an interesting shoot in a chateau in the French countryside.  It was the first video that didn’t feature us all the way through it so that was nice for a change.  I’d like to go more in that direction [laughing].

QRO: You were unfortunately thwarted by mud recently and had to miss a performance.  Have you had any other strange cancellation situations?

Kim Moyes: Nothing weird.  But, we’ve had mud thrown at us back home as a sign of appreciation though.

QRO: Do you have a particular size of audience in mind when you create the music?

KM: You don’t think like that when you’re making music.  You’re delving into fantasy and imagination.

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