Thunder & Lightning – Disgust

Thunder & Lightning's second record 'Disgust' is an enjoyable slice of indie-pop....
Thunder & Lightning : Disgust
7.8 Self-released

Thunder & Lightning : DisgustQRO first got to know Brent Katz when he was drummer for old favorite (and gone-to-soon) Harlem Shakes (QRO spotlight on). More recently he’s been busy doing everything from writing a novel to writing a TV show, but he’s also stayed in the music arena with his solo project, Thunder & Lightning. Second record Disgust is an enjoyable slice of indie-pop.

Single “Advertisements In My Dreams” (QRO video premiere) ably leads off the album, as infectious as said ads. Disgust begins with its strongest tracks, “Advertisements” and “Alex Summers” (about the town lothario, not The X-Men’s Havoc), but is catchy throughout. Katz’s higher voice and tones, not to mention verbose lyrics, do lean towards the Ivy League pop side of things, with not every song popping as mightily, but always is charming.

Disgust isn’t going to reinvent the world of indie-pop, but hardly anything ever does. What it will do is make you smile.

Thunder & Lightning – Advertisements In My Dreams

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