Tokyo Police Club – TPC

Tokyo Police Club have regrouped and revived themselves, keeping their fun core...
Tokyo Police Club : TPC
7.9 Dine Alone

Tokyo Police Club : TPCAfter touring the tenth anniversary of the excellent debut EP A Lesson In Crime (QRO live review), Canada’s Tokyo Police Club faced a choice. Their initial youth had expired, and they weren’t filling stadiums, so could have easily called it a day. Instead, they regrouped and revived themselves, keeping their fun core, for the self-(abbreviated)-titled TPC.

TPC has the bopping pop songs that Tokyo Police Club have had going back to Lesson, such as single “Hercules” and bright “Edgy”. But there are also some quite nice sadder pieces, from relaxed resign opener “New Blues” to swaying close “Daisy Chain”. Singer/guitarist Dave Monks even strips down to acoustic for the tribute to fucking up “Ready to Win”.

Tokyo Police Club haven’t grown up into boring adults, but are widening their perspective, while staying true to their youth.

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