Top 50 Albums of 2010 (30-11)

<div> <a href="features/features/top_50_albums_of_2010_(30-11)/" target="_self"><img src="" alt="Top 50 Albums of 2010 (30-11)" /> </a> </div> <div>   </div> <div> This group of albums shows just how much innovation and...
Top 50 Albums of 2010 (10-1)
This group of albums shows just how much innovation and inspiration were in mixing rock with electronics this year:
30 The Midnight Juggernauts
The Crystal Axis

High energy follows up their impressive electro-rock debut by reaching outward and upward.
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29 The Divine Comedy
Bang Goes the Knighthood

On a tighter budget, the band evolves orchestration into a more streamlined composition, which is naturally still led by Hannon’s signature heady lyrics and distinguished ballads.
28 Male Bonding
Nothing Hurts

Feisty lo-fi garage punk with a surfer twist represents a lot of fellow acts that sprung up this year.
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27 Goldfrapp
Head First

The duo’s incarnation this time is as a new wave diva, and they perform an electronic disco masterpiece.
26 Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse
Dark Night of the Soul

The late Mark Linkous teamed up with Danger Mouse, David Lynch, and an all-star list of indie rock collaborators to produce a dark, cool, and multi-faceted album.
25 Foals
Total Life Forever

‘Internet buzz band’ delivers electronic beauties & intricacies with getting self-important.
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The Books
The Way Out

The inventive duo gives us a highly artistic and highly technical lesson in acoustic rock patterns.

23 of Montreal
False Priest

With ambitious instrumentation, Prince-like melodies and Barnes’ strong lyrical content, the wild bunch delivers another fun, yet complex album.
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22 Tame Impala

Beatles-esque vocals meet 90’s psychedelia at its finest; the definitive breakout album of 2010.
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21 Autolux
Transit Transit

Ear candy for your headphones; every time you play you will hear things that you missed the time before.
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20 Blonde Redhead
Penny Sparkle

Ultra-stylish rock with a sense of real art and passion – an unlikely combination.
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19 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Before Today

Sounds like a warped copy of rock ‘n’ roll vinyl, covered in Vaseline, then played backwards.
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18 The Radio Dept.
Clinging To a Scheme

Airy synth-pop tinged with the sound of a rainy day – and their best yet.
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17 Sleigh Bells

There’s no lack of energy on this electro-rock noise explosion.
16 Beach House
Teen Dream

Morphine dream pop with otherwordly beauty.
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15 Hot Chip
One Life Stand

Synth-rock dancemasters deliver another excellent set of clever pop tracks.
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Bringing back the neo-New Wave sound that made you fall in love with them.
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They made a quick, heavy name for themselves and somehow manage to hold it up.
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12 Vampire Weekend

With their affluence and privilege on their sleeve, Contra is sonically beautiful and is a step and a half ahead of its younger brother, easily avoiding what could have been the greatest sophomore slump of 2010.
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11 School of Seven Bells
Disconnect From Desire

The trio expands their haunting harmonies and high-reaching electronic rhythms from their debut.
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