Top 60 Albums of 2009 (40-21)

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QRO Magazine Top 60 Albums of 2009
The entrée of the best meal of the year.  Can’t wait for dessert…
40 Lady Gaga
Fame Monster

When was the last time someone that far out there made it that high up there?
Lady Gaga
39 The Low Anthem
Oh My God, Charlie Darwin

Out of nowhere and into our hearts in a matter of months. 
Oh My God, Charlie Darwin
38 Elvis Perkins in Dearland
Elvis Perkins in Dearland

Singer/songwriter embraces the ensemble & a sunnier outlook on life.
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Elvis Perkins
37 Manchester Orchestra
Mean Everything To Nothing

As much angst and as many beefed up riffs you could ever hope to hear from a young punk/grunge outfit.
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Manchester Orchestra
36 Metric

Haines & Crew step up their game after a quick breath.  “Stadium Love” at its finest.
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35 Patrick Watson
Wooden Arms

More of the charming & orchestral Watson is welcome & necessary.
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Patrick Watson
34 Charles Spearin
The Happiness Project

Nothing else in 2009 was as fascinating as the latest experiment from Broken Social Scene/Do Make Say Think’s Charles Spearin.
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Charles Spearin
33 Shany Kedar

A smoky chanteuse out of Tel Aviv picks up where Mazzy Star left off.
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Shany Kedar
32 Andrew Bird
Noble Beast

An intricate showcase of Bird’s orchestral-minded talent.
Andrew Bird
31 Air
Love 2

The French duo show off why they’re the smoothest around.
30 Dirty Projectors
Bitte Orca

Difficult at first, but then utterly rewarding.
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Dirty Projectors
29 White Lies
To Lose My Life

Anglo New Wave is brought back, again, with even more force.
Full review
White Lies

Sonic Youth
The Eternal

The greatest alt-punk act ever managed to find a way to get even better – add Pavement’s Mark Ibold.
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>Sonic Youth
27 The Big Pink
A Brief History of Love

The Big Pink successfully channel My Bloody Valentine and recreate the sound, feeling and Neo-psychedelia of ’90s Shoegaze.
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The Big Pink
26 Patrick Wolf
The Bachelor

The oddest, and possibly most creative, man in pop strikes again.
The Bachelor
25 Antlers

The true-life tale of one band member’s struggle with cancer wrests art out of tragedy in the triumphant Hospice.
24 Camera Obscura
My Maudlin Career

The Glaswegian outfit’s latest & sweetest.
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Camera Obscura
23 Tegan & Sara

Canadian twins grow up & into their sound.
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Tegan & Sara
22 Loney Dear
Dear John

The Swedish multi-instrumentalist crafts his most daring album to date, full of folk pop beauty and darkness with occasional electronic undertones.
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Loney Dear
21 Harlem Shakes
Technicolor Health

Beating even the highest of expectations & anticipation.  Oh, the places they could have gone.
Full review
Harlem Shakes


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