Weezer – SZNZ: Autumn EP

Weezer steps up as the leaves turn for 'Autumn'....
Weezer : SZNZ: Autumn EP
7.7 Atlantic/Crush
Weezer : SZNZ: Autumn EP

At first blush, veteran rockers Weezer’s idea to make an EP for each of the seasons – or SZNS – seemed a little hacky, from a band that’s been a little hacky before. Spring (QRO review) and Summer (QRO review) were nice enough, but the group steps up as the leaves turn for Autumn.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo knows how to write a catchy song, and that comes through in the opener “Can’t Dance, Don’t Ask Me” as well as the closer “Run, Raven, Run”. Most of the EP is Cuomo’s brand of sad-sack self-loathing that’s been speaking to teenage boys for decades now (though “Raven” seems to be about an actual raven?…), best done when catchy like “Dance”, but also more straightforward on the likes of “Get Off on the Pain” and heartbreak “What Happens After You?”.

As much as Weezer has taken their critical knocks over the years, it’s only because the expectations bar is so high. SZNS: Autumn EP reminds you why you still listen to Weezer.

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