Weezer – SZNZ: Winter EP

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Weezer : SZNZ: Winter EP
7.1 Atlantic/Crush

And so Weezer’s four-part SZNZ EP series of 2022 comes to an end. Yes, SZNZ EPs Spring (QRO review), Summer (QRO review), Autumn (QRO review), and now Winter felt like a diversion, something that frontman Rivers Cuomo wanted more than the audience, but an enjoyable one. Concluding Winter doesn’t end the year on a high note, but is another nice-enough Weezer release.

While Cuomo has long mined his lost, nerdy youth for material, Winter particularly delves into that, from declaring that “I Want a Dog” to the nerd who doesn’t want to play “Basketball”. There is a song about “Iambic Pentameter”, and another Weezer song about the American Revolution, “Sheraton Commander”. Their lyrics, and the band’s inherent skill, do make those first half tracks stand out from the more forgettable backside to the EP.

So, enjoy Winter like the other SZNZ releases, for what it is, and put aside what it is not.

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