SXSW 2017 Preview – Tuesday

SXSW Music starts on Tuesday, March 14th....

SXSW 2017 Preview - Tuesday

Every year, South-by-Southwest morphs, while also remaining the same.  SXSW Interactive is where all the money is, and SXSW Film is where the celebrities are at, but SXSW Music is where the action is, March 14th-17th.




Austin Convention Center, 500 E Cesar Chavez
Sounds From Spain/Italy
1:00pm – Ramirez Exposure
2:00pm – Dizzyride
3:00pm – Ramirez Exposure

Austin Taco Project, 500 E 4th St.
6:00pm – Jackie Venson
7:00pm – All Our Exes Live in Texas
8:00pm – Scott Collins

The Backyard @ Sheraton Hotel, 701 E 11th St.
6:00pm – Wesley Jensen & The Penny Arcade
7:00pm – Sun And The Wolf
8:00pm – Uncle Lucius

Bar 96, 96 Rainey St. (RSVP)
4:00pm – Sean Bohrman
4:30pm – Frances Cone
5:15pm – Diet Cig
6:00pm – Slow Dancer
6:45pm – Tei Shi

BD Riley’s, 204 E 6th St.
Sound Australia – SOUND GALLERY
11:15am – The Heart Collectors
12:00pm – Tim Wheatley
12:40pm – Juanita Stein
1:20pm – The Elliotts
2:00pm – Joel Sarakula
2:40pm – Go Fever
3:20pm – Food Court
4:00pm – Slow Dancer
4:40pm – Hockey Dad
5:20pm – The Rumjacks

Beerland, 711 1/2 Red River St. (free)
Keeled Scales
12:15pm – Sur Duda
1:00pm – Lola Kirke
1:45pm – William Matheny
2:30pm – Laure Briard
3:15pm – Guts Club
4:00pm – Jess Williamson
4:45pm – Julia Lucille
5:30pm – RF Shannon

Big Bang Bar, 415 E 6th St. (free)
2:00pm – Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs
3:00pm – Secret Nudist Friends
4:00pm – mojave nomads
5:00pm – APEK and Dj Fuji
6:00pm – Jarris Alexander & Eddie P

The Blackheart, 86 Rainey St. (RSVP)
Noisetrade/PledgeMusic/CLIF Bar
11:30am – Swimming With Bears
12:00pm – Charly Bliss
12:30pm – Eric Slick
1:00pm – The Selters
1:30pm – Naked Giants
2:00pm – Ben Sollee
2:30pm – Split Single
3:00pm – Communist Daughter
3:30pm – Jaime Isaac
4:00pm – NE-HI
4:30pm – Jonny P
5:00pm – Temples

Jason Narducy’s Split Single comes to SXSW behind the great new Metal Frames (QRO review).

Buffalo Billiards, 201 E 6th St. (free)
1:30pm – Jimmy Eat World
2:00pm – Bishop Briggs
2:30pm – Marian Hill
4:00pm – Sylvan Esso
5:00pm – Mondo Cozmo
5:30pm – Spoon

KROX broadcasts every afternoon from Buffalo Billiards during SXSW.

Champions @ Courtyard Marriott, 300 E 4th St.
6:00pm – Johanna Warren
7:00pm – Lola Kirke

Cheer Up Charlie’s, 900 Red River St. (free)
Empress:BossBabes ATX/DJ GirlFriend
Madame Gandhi
3:30pm – Anna Wise
TT The Artist
Chante Linwood
DJ Kay Cali
Fee Lion
Shoshana Tampaxxx
DJ Lolo
Cap’n Tits

The Chuggin’ Monkey, 219 E 6th St. (free)
RedGorilla Music Fest
2:00pm – Everyone Is Dirty
3:00pm – Unbreakable Bloodline
4:00pm – Heather LaRose
5:00pm – Kick The Robot
6:00pm – Broke Royals
7:00pm – Blue Apollo

RedGorilla Music Fest hosts free rock shows at a variety of venues across all of SXSW.

Container Bar, 90 Rainey St. (RSVP)
Caesars Entertainment/Paradigm Talent Agency
1:00pm – Boo Seeka
Mercy Music
Camden West

Continental Club, 1315 S Congress Ave. (free)
12:30pm – Shevonne Philidor
2:00pm – Dylan Bishop
3:30pm – Timothy Bloom
5:00pm – Hamish Anderson

Dizzy Rooster, 306 E 6th St. (free)
TMMP/RedGorilla Music Fest
12:00pm – Sean Mullin
1:00pm – Southtown SA
2:00pm – Rions Den
3:00pm – The Soulies
4:00pm – Morning Star
5:00pm – Hanna Barakat
6:00pm – Bristol To Memory

The Dogwood (solo stage), 715 W 6th St. (free)
Carolina Chickadee/Ideal Productions/KG Music Press
11:55am – James Bullard
12:50pm – Alice Wallace
1:45pm – Charlie and The Regrets
2:40pm – Dawn & Hawkes
3:45pm – Brandy Zdan
4:50pm – Jamie Lin Wilson
5:55pm – Fairbanks & The Lonesome Light
7:00pm – Jesse Jay Harris
7:55pm – Ted Russell Kamp

The Dogwood (band stage), 715 W 6th St. (free)
Carolina Chickadee/Ideal Productions/KG Music Press
11:25am – Beth Lee & The Breakups
12:20pm – Jericho Woods
1:15pm – Drugstore Gypsies
2:10pm – Bonnie Whitmore
3:05pm – The Mastersons
4:10pm – Band of Heathens
5:15pm – Major & The Monbacks
6:20pm – Jon Dee Graham & William Harries Graham
7:25pm – The Sideshow Tragedy
8:20pm – The Heavy Hands

Eden House Co-Op, 1910 Rio Grande St. (free)
Top Shelf Records/Funeral Sounds
2:15pm – Mother Evergreen
2:50pm – Tomato Dodgers
3:20pm – Ratboys
3:50pm – Half Waif
4:20pm – Struckout
4:50pm – Kississippi
5:20pm – Slingshot Dakota
5:50pm – The Spook School
6:20pm – Hodera
6:50pm – Tall Friend
7:20pm – trunkweed
7:50pm – Mover Shaker
8:20pm – Prince Daddy & The Hyena
8:50pm – Cool American
Snow Roller
Strange Ranger

El Mercado South, 3202 S 1st St. (free)
Sun Radio
12:00pm – James McMurtry
1:00pm – The Mastersons
2:00pm – Curtis McMurtry
3:00pm – Juanita Stein
4:00pm – Ian Moore
5:00pm – Uncle Lucius

Flamingo Cantina, 515 E 6th St. (free)
Galaxy Life
Billy Raacx
Hotel Marco
Dama Nilz
Big John
The Brain
Richy Hyliger
Dre Prince
Alesia alani
Ransom Watson
Dank Sinatra
Chakeeta B

The Gatsby, 708 E 6th St. (RSVP)
2:00pm – Y La Bamba
3:00pm – Mondo Cozmo
4:00pm – Sunny Sweeney
5:00pm – Earl St. Clair

Pandora Radio broadcasts from SXSW.

Guero’s Taco Bar, 1412 S Congress Ave. (RSVP)
Casual Strangers/The Bubble
2:00pm – Bronco Simmons
2.30pm – The Harms
3:00pm – Belcurve
3:30pm – The Mystery Achievement
4:00pm – Summer Fires
4:30pm – Graffiti Trials
5:00pm – Casual Strangers
5:45pm – Har Mar Superstar
6:30pm – Ruby & The Reckless
7:15pm – Light Wheel
8:00pm – The Bluebonnets

Hard Luck Lounge, 3526 E 7th St. (free)
Graveface Records/Noisy Ghost PR/Boner Bizarre
12:00pm – The Digital Wild
1:00pm – Hospital Ships w/ Thor Harris
2:05pm – The Stacks
3:10pm – The Wild Now
3:55pm – Pollen Rx
5:00pm – The Sour Notes

Hilton Hotel Cannon & Bell, 500 E 4th St.
6:00pm – Claire Morales
7:00pm – Gaelynn Lea
8:00pm – James Junius

Hole In the Wall, 2538 Guadalupe St. (free)
Mike Saint Clair
Beth// James
Buenos Diaz
The Mighty Orq
Charlie Harrison

Hotel Van Zandt, 605 Davis St. (free)
FADER Sessions
A Boogie wit da Hoodie
3:45pm – Goon
Topaz Jones

Hotel Van Zandt, 605 Davis St.
5:00pm – Southern Avenue
6:00pm – Son Little

Hotel Vegas Inside, 1500 East 6th St. (unofficial)
Heaven of Hot Burrito
2:45pm – Laser Background
3:30pm – In Snow
4:15pm – Amplified Heat
5:00pm – GT
5:45pm – GYMSHORTS
6:30pm – FOOLS

Hotel Vegas at Volstead Lounge, 1500 East 6th St. (unofficial)
Heaven of Hot Burrito
3:15pm – Pink Mexico
4:00pm – Barbarians
4:45pm – BOOHER
5:30pm – Dead Coast
6:15pm – Trementina
7:00pm – Dark Palaces Dark Palaces

Hotel Vegas Patio 1, 1500 East 6th St. (unofficial)
Heaven of Hot Burrito
3:30pm – Drugs & Attics
5:00pm – Borzoi
6:30pm – Night Beats

Hotel Vegas Patio 2, 1500 East 6th St. (unofficial)
Heaven of Hot Burrito
4:15pm – The Bad Lovers
5:45pm – Downtown Boys

Hyatt Regency, 208 Barton Springs Rd.
6:00pm – Damien McFly
7:00pm – Josh Cashman

Jackalope, 404 E 6th St. (RSVP)
Balanced Breakfast
12:00pm – Singers in The Round
1:00pm – First Time in Color
2:00pm – Moonray
3:00pm – Obscured by Echoes
4:00pm – Denizens
5:00pm – Empire Machines

Key Bar, 617 W 6th St. (RSVP)
Mixtape Marketing
Quiet Company
Matthew Logan Vasquez
Bond Twins
Tele Novella

Kick Butt Coffee, 5775 Airport Blvd. (RSVP)
1:00pm – Hunter Sharpe
Lance Bangs
The Underground Dream Lovers
Fruits & Flowers
2:30pm – Tredici Bacci
The Britanys
4:30pm – Field Trip
5:15pm – PILL

Las Cruxes, 913 E Cesar Chavez St. (RSVP)
She Shreds
12:30pm – Jay Som
1:00pm – Lisa Prank
1:30pm – Sneaks
2:00pm – Dude York
2:30pm – Ian Sweet
3:00pm – Diet Cig
3:30pm – Aye Nako
4:00pm – Las Kellies
4:30pm – Chastity Belt
5:00pm – Sad13
5:30pm – Mothers
6:00pm – Gizzle
6:30pm – Madame Gandhi
7:00pm – Y La Bamba
7:30pm – Tancred
8:00pm – Thelma and the Sleaze

The Lost Well, 2421 Webberville Rd. (free)
Black Smoke Conjuring
Smokey Mirror
Plastic Daggers
Fox 45
Salem’s Bend
The Munsens
From Beyond
Great Electric Quest
Buffalo Fuzz
White Light Cemetery
Switchblade Jesus

Love Goat, 2716 Guadalupe St. (RSVP)
Cakes & Kisses
Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs
6:00pm – Kosha Dillz
Food for the Gods

Mazda Studio at Empire Control Room, 606 E 7th St. (RSVP)
1:00pm – Kweku Collins
2:00pm – Sofi Tukker
3:00pm – The Drums
4:00pm – Lil Yachty

Mazda parks at the Empire Control Room (and Garage).

Midway Food Park, 1905 S Capital of Texas Highway (RSVP)
3:00pm – Red Yard
4:00pm – Magician Black Bert
5:00pm – Mama K & The Shades
6:00pm – Kupira Marimba

Mohawk, 912 Red River St. (RSVP)
Dots/Vice Play Beautifully
Ryan Hemsworth
Tasha the Amazon

Rain on 4th, 217 W 4th St. (free)
Equality Vodka
Glen Check
White Widow
4:00pm – Ami Dang
Alyse Black
Jenuine Cello
DJ Mary Coronado
Karman Kregloe

The Rooftop Bar, 403 E 6th St. (free)
Independent Ear/RedGorilla Music Fest
Nick Oz
Bradley J
Former Tides
Joe Smoke
Jerry Dale Harris
DJ Raytard
Nick Urb
Rabid Young
The Summit
Tora Woloshin
Adam Davenport
Dylan Lloyd

San Jac Saloon, 300 E 6th St. (free)
RedGorilla Music Fest
4:00pm – Carly Jo Jackson
5:00pm – Sam Burchfield
6:00pm – Rachel Lynn

Saxon Pub, 1320 S Lamar (free)
Wink Keziah
Wink Keziah & Delux Motel
Rick Broussard’s Two Hoots and A Holler
AJ Hobbs & Ted Russell Kamp Band
Count Vaseline

Scoot Inn, 1308 East 4th St. (RSVP)
Independence Brewing Company/Lagunitas Brewing Company
Thee Oh Sees
2:00pm – Night Beats
Rainbow Kitten Surprise
12:00pm – Diet Cig

Side Bar, 602 E 7th St. (RSVP)
Harry Fox Agency/Rumblefish
1:30pm – Fruit & Flowers
2:30pm – She-Devils
3:30pm – Joel Sarakula
4:30pm – Ian Sweet
5:30pm – Potty Mouth

Shirley’s Temple, 6910 Shirley Ave. (free)
Outer Limit
A.M. feelgood
Honey and Salt
Om Wahs
Thee MVPs
Gold Fronts
Ley Line
Food Group

The Sidewinder, 715 Red River St. (free)
JP Cali Smoov
3:00pm – Kosha Dillz
A-Jay King
Noa James
Mic Mar
Bonnie Godiva
Spymac & Kree23
J Duce
Michael Mints & NDO
Trill Banzz
Chevy Crocker

Spiderhouse, 2908 Fruth St. (free)
Native Waves
Paradise Drive-In
The Mammoths
Torino Black
Finite Fidelity
Transit Method
The Warplanes

Spiderhouse (café patio stage), 2908 Fruth St. (free)
Onward Indian
2:00pm – Magaly Fields
2:40pm – white WOOLLY
3:20pm – Gymshorts
4:00pm – Wray
4:45pm – The Parrots
5:30pm – The Rotten Mangos
6:15pm – WOMPS
7:00pm – In Snow
7:45pm – Leggy
8:30pm – Thelma and the Sleaze
9:45pm – Meatbodies

Spiderhouse Ballroom, 2908 Fruth St. (free)
The Hot Conversation Podcast
Turquoise Jeep
Stat 1

Tellers, 607 Trinity St. (RSVP)
The Nashville House
1:00pm – Liz Cooper & The Stampede
2:00pm – Idle Bloom
3:00pm – *repeat repeat
4:00pm – Devon Gilfillian
5:00pm – Jeff Carl
6:00pm – NAWAS
7:00pm – Daniella Mason

Tellers Upstairs, 607 Trinity St. (RSVP)
The Nashville House
1:30pm – Marie Miller
2:30pm – Blank Range
3:30pm – C. Shirock
4:30pm – Future Thieves
5:30pm – R.LUM.R
6:30pm – The Foxies

Tequila Mockingbird, 306 W 16th St. (RSVP)
6:30pm – Ha Ha Tonka
Satellite Studios

Tinderbox Stage @ Touche, 417 E 6th St. (free)
RedGorilla Music Fest
3:00pm – special guest
4:00pm – Broke Royals
5:00pm – Auburntown
6:00pm – Folk Is People

Trade Show – Next Stage – Exhibit Hall 4, 500 E Cesar Chavez
5:00pm – A.S. Fanning

Westin Hotel Downtown, 310 E 5th St.
6:00pm – Darling West
7:00pm – Yael Meyer

Wolfshield Ranch, 7210 Cooper Ln. (free)
Ovrid/Wolfshield Records
3:00pm – Crxmbs
3:45pm – MALLRAT
4:30pm – Den-Mate
5:15pm – Avi Buffalo
6:00pm – Hunter Sharpe
6:45pm – The Ghost Wolves



21st Street Co-Op, 707 W 21st St. (free)
paradYse/Sports Day/I OH YOU/RFB
6:00pm – Sløtface
7:00pm – Gluten Tag
8:00pm – Jamie Isaac
9:00pm – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
10:00pm – Splashh
11:00pm – Os Papagaios
12:00am – Moonbase

512, 408 E 6th St.
8:15pm – Bigg John Of East 35
8:35pm – Undergravity
8:55pm – KP tha Profit
9:15pm – CMC Da GUTTAH
9:30pm – Lil Sicc
9:50pm – Tank Washington
10:05pm – Chamothy The Great
10:25pm – Sertified
10:45pm – Question
11:25pm – Staci Russell
11:25pm – Gerald G
11:50pm – J Kapone
12:15am – Kydd Jones
12:40am – Mo3

512 Rooftop, 408 E 6th St.
8:00pm – DJ Grip
8:10pm – Mike Melinoe
8:30pm – King Hendricks
8:50pm – Q.GUYTON
9:10pm – Imaj
9:30pm – Show Louis
9:50pm – Stockz
10:25pm – EDF
10:45pm – Dat Boi T
11:40pm – CHRIS WARD
12:00am – Doeman
12:20am – X.O.
1:05am – DJ Chose
1:25am – BeatKing

612 W 4th St. (badges/artists wristbands)
Apple Music
9:00pm – Vince Staples

Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater, 310 Willie Nelson Blvd.
Events DC
7:00pm – Mathias
8:00pm – BOOMscat
8:20pm – DJ Trauma
8:30pm – Ari Lennox
8:50pm – Mathias
9:00pm – Magic Giant
9:25pm – DJ Money
9:40pm – Reesa Renee
9:50pm – Backyard Band
10:15pm – Ras Nebyu
10:25pm – Rare Essence
10:55pm – DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu
11:30pm – Thievery Corporation
12:45am – Wu-Tang Clan

EventsDC brings Wu-Tang Clan and Thievery Corporation to SXSW.

Bar 96, 96 Rainey St. (RSVP)
9:00pm – DJ Caleeb
9:30pm – Otown Marco
10:15pm – Supa Bwe
11:00pm – Tkay Maidza
11:50pm – A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

Barcelona, 209 E 6th St.
Mad Classy x Play Me Records
8:00pm – Sharkweek
8:40pm – Geno Cochino
9:20pm – Alexandre
10:00pm – AHEE
10:40pm – Mad Classy
11:20pm – Eliminate
12:00am – The Widdler
12:40am – Reid Speed
1:20am – not sorry

Barracuda, 611 E 7th St.
felte/Part Time Punks
8:00pm – Suburban Living
9:00pm – Houses of Heaven
10:00pm – Sextile
11:00pm – Dead Leaf Echo
12:00am – Creepoid
1:00am – Potty Mouth

Barracuda Backyard, 611 E 7th St.
Part Time Punks
7:25pm – Michael Stock
7:30pm – Tomás Doncker & The True Groove All-Stars
8:30pm – Terminal A
9:15pm – Tennis System
10:00pm – Froth
11:15pm – James Chance & The Contortions
12:15am – Modern English
1:15am – Cosmonauts

BD Riley’s, 204 E 6th St.
7:00pm – Ami Dang
8:00pm – Oum Shatt
9:00pm – Ofeliadorme
10:00pm – Dark Times
11:00pm – Aztec Death
12:00am – GHXST
1:00am – Turbo Goth

Beerland, 711 1/2 Red River St. (free)
7:00pm – A Deer A Horse
7:45pm – Peaer
8:30pm – Fern Mayo
9:15pm – Pudge
10:00pm – “Caddyshack II”
11:00pm – Looming
12:00pm – “VOLVO”

The Belmont, 305 W 6th St.
The Man In the High Castle/30th Century Records
8:00pm – Maybird
8:50pm – Big Search
9:40pm – Sam Cohen
10:20pm – Sam Cohen & The Resistance Band
11:20pm – Kevin Morby
12:20am – Benjamin Booker

Amazon TV’s series The Man In the High Castle – based off of Philip K. Dick’s seminal what-if-the-Axis-won-WWII novel – brings its ‘Resistance Radio’ to SXSW.

Blackheart, 86 Rainey St.
8:00pm – The Undercover Dream Lovers
9:00pm – Birthday
10:00pm – Lawrence
11:00pm – In The Valley Below
12:00am – Big Jesus
1:00am – Odetta Hartman

Big Bang Bar, 415 E 6th St. (free)
Denim Life
Mark Denim
Markus D.
John Reyes
Sara Landry
Cosgrove & Briight

Buffalo Billiards, 201 E 6th St.
Amplify Philly
DJ Aktive (between sets)
8:00pm – The Dove & the Wolf
8:50pm – Queen of Jeans
9:40pm – Julian King
10:30pm – Good Girl
11:20pm – Bilal
12:10am – Son Little
1:10am – The Districts

C-Boy’s Heart and Soul, 2008 S Congress Ave. (unofficial)
4:00pm – Jesse Ebaugh and the Tender Things
6:30pm – 8 1/2 Souvenirs
9:00pm – Dylan Bishop
11:00pm – SSHH
12:00am – Jonesin’

Central Presbyterian Church, 200 E 8th St.
8:00pm – Bethany Martin
8:45pm – Joshua Kirksey
9:45pm – Kat&Jared
10:45pm – Enrique Holmes
11:15pm – Psalmist Raine
11:45pm – Jaye Thomas
12:30am – Misty Edwards

Cheer Up Charlie’s, 900 Red River St.
Force Field PR
7:45pm – Rainbrother
8:45pm – Deep Cuts
9:45pm – Totally Mild
10:45pm – Spiral Stairs
11:45pm – Living Hour
12:45am – Teen Daze

Cheer Up Charlie’s Inside, 900 Red River St.
Modern Outsider
8:00pm – Quiet Company
9:00pm – Mirror Travel
10:00pm – Jess Williamson
11:00pm – Moving Panoramas
12:00am – Hard Proof
1:00am – Walker Lukens

The Chuggin’ Monkey, 219 E 6th St. (free)
LiveShowEvents & Defiant Artist Management/RedGorilla Music Fest
The Heroine
Gandhi’s Gun
James Jean
Waxpanel and Jeremy Rodriguez.

Cooper’s BBQ, 217 Congress Ave.
8:00pm – Jeff Plankenhorn
9:05pm – Miss Lavelle White and the L Men
10:15pm – Hamish Anderson
11:30pm – Daddy Long Legs
12:40am – Eric Tessmer

Dizzy Rooster, 306 E 6th St. (free)
TMMP/RedGorilla Music Fest
7:00pm – special guest
8:00pm – Electricsoul
9:00pm – Leather Leaf
10:00pm – Hill Country Revival

Elysium, 705 Red River St.
Taiwan Beats
8:10pm – Hello Nico
9:20pm – Matzka
10:30pm – Jade Eyes 孔雀眼
11:40pm – DJ QuestionMark
12:50am – Miss Ko

Flamingo Cantina, 515 E 6th St.
8:00pm – Micah Shalom & The Babylonians
9:00pm – Shinobi Ninja
10:00pm – Mau Mau Chaplains
11:00pm – i-taweh
12:00am – The Late Ones
1:00am – Arise Roots

Friends, 208 E 6th St.
8:00pm – Mora Lucay
9:00pm – Protistas
10:00pm – SlowKiss
11:00pm – Yael Meyer
12:00am – Planeta No
1:00am – Humboldt

The Gatsby, 708 E 6th St. (badges/wristbands only)
8:30pm – Temples
9:30pm – POWERS
10:30pm – Rob $tone

Grizzly Hall, 2015 E Riverside Dr. Bldg 4
Come and Take It – Texas Takeover
8:30pm – Secret of Boris
9:20pm – Beard the Lion
10:10pm – Coldcell
11:00pm – To Whom It May
11:50pm – Darkness Divided
12:50am – Ünloco

Handlebar, 121 E 5th St. (free)
RedGorilla Music Fest
6:00pm – Augustus
7:00pm – Core Media Party
10:00pm – Big Monsta
11:00pm – The Velveteers
12:00am – MRKTS

Hotel Vegas Inside, 1500 East 6th St. (unofficial)
Heaven of Hot Burrito
7:15pm – Thee MVPs
8:00pm – Trouble Boys
8:45pm – Los Wilds
9:30pm – The Whiffs
10:15pm – Croy and the Boys
11:00pm – Rattlesnake Milk
11:45pm – JD Clark
12:30am – Leo Rondeau

Hotel Vegas at Volstead Lounge, 1500 East 6th St. (unofficial)
Heaven of Hot Burrito
7:45pm – Lung Letters
8:30pm – Teevee
9:15pm – The Nude Party
10:00pm – Thelma and the Sleaze
10:45pm – The Lochness Mobsters
11:30pm – Rik & the Pigs
12:15am – Skin Drips

Hotel Vegas Patio 1, 1500 East 6th St. (unofficial)
Heaven of Hot Burrito
8:00pm – Krista Van Liew
9:30pm – Omni
11:00pm – Happyness
12:30am – Christian Bland & The Revelators

Hotel Vegas Patio 2, 1500 East 6th St. (unofficial)
Heaven of Hot Burrito
7:15pm – The Halfways
8:45pm – Julian Neel
10:15pm – Hovvdy
11:45pm – Alex Cameron

Karma Lounge, 105 E 5th St.
8:00pm – China Gate
9:00pm – Gonzalla
10:00pm – Altre di B
11:00pm – Fraaek
12:00am – Valley Hush
1:00am – Bridgit Mendler

Kingdom, 103 E 5th St.
8:00pm – Raul Facio
9:30pm – Shaded
10:30pm – Hector
11:30pm – Dubfire
1:00am – Carlo Lio

Latitude 30, 512 San Jacinto St.
BBC Radio 1/PPL & PRS
8:00pm – Dream Wife
9:00pm – SWEAT
10:00pm – Let’s Eat Grandma
11:00pm – Sam Gellaitry
12:00am – Dave
1:00am – Slaves

Once again, Latitude 30 is the British Music Embassy at SXSW.

Levi’s® Outpost, 606 E 3rd St. (badges/wristbands only)
Levi’s X Rolling Stone Launch Party
8:00pm – Lo Moon
9:30pm – Francis and the Lights

The Little Darlin’, 6507 Circle S Rd. (free)
7:00pm – Belcurve
8:00pm – Booher
9:00pm – William Matheny

Maggie Mae’s, 323 E 6th St. (badges/artists wristbands only)
SXSW Music Opening Party/City of Austin
6:15pm – Tredici Bacci
7:15pm – The Lemon Twigs
8:15pm – Marie Davidson
9:20pm – Gina Chavez
10:10pm – Continental Drift
11:10pm – Money Chicha
12:10am – Master Blaster Sound System
1:10am – Cilantro Boombox

Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room, 512 Trinity St.
City of Austin
8:00pm – Rebecca Loebe
9:00pm – Barbara Nesbitt
10:00pm – Charlie Faye & The Fayettes
11:00pm – Tameca Jones
12:00am – Whitney Rose
1:00am – The Wagoneers

Maggie Mae’s Rooftop, 323 E 6th St. (badges/artists wristbands only)
SXSW Music Opening Party/City of Austin
6:00pm – Huw Stephens
7:00pm – Noname
8:00pm – !!!
9:00pm – my education
10:00pm – Ramesh
11:00pm – Calliope Musicals
12:00am – Emily Wolfe
1:00am – Hunter Sharpe

The Main, 610 E 6th St.
8:00pm – Boyfrndz
9:00pm – Big Big Love
10:00pm – The Bright Light Social Hour
11:00pm – A Giant Dog
12:00am – special guest
1:00am – Spoon

Austin natives made-big Spoon play three nights at The Main for SXSW, with special guest openers each night.

The Main II, 603 E 6th St.
8:00pm – Rude Kid
9:25pm – Frisco (Boy Better Know)
10:05pm – Ghetts
10:55pm – Logan Sama
12:00am – Little Simz
12:50am – Kano

Mazda Studio at Empire Control Room, 606 E 7th St. (badges/wristbands only)
Juiceland Music/Exploded Drawing
7:45pm – CAPYAC
8:30pm – Iman Omri
9:15pm – Eliot Lipp
10:00pm – Anna Wise
11:15pm – The Octopus Project
12:30am – Daedelus

Mazda Studio at Empire Garage, 606 E 7th St. (badges/wristebands only)
8:00pm – Mothers
9:00pm – Hurray For the Riff Raff
10:00pm – Julie Byrne
11:00pm – Girlpool
12:00am – Real Estate
1:00am – Sleigh Bells

Of course Stereogum has buzz names like Sleigh Bells, Real Estate, and Girlpool.

Mohawk Indoor, 912 Red River St.
Rocky Road Touring
8:00pm – Jane Ellen Bryant
9:00pm – The Sleeping Ghost
10:00pm – Casual Strangers
11:00pm – Desert Mountain Tribe
12:00am – Ruby
1:00am – Ringo Deathstarr

Mohawk Outdoor, 912 Red River St. (official or RSVP)
7:30pm – High2u2
7:45pm – Yutes
8:05pm – Bekele
8:25pm – Drako
9:10pm – Donmonique
9:40pm – Nebu Kiniza
10:40pm – Pee Wee Longway
12:20am – A$AP Twelvyy
1:00am – Ugly God

The North Door, 501 Brushy St. (unofficial)
special guest
special guest
Bombay The Rapper
Babe The Siren
Thelonious Love
Magna Carda
Williams Blake

Palm Door on Sabine, 401 Sabine St.
French Waves
8:00pm – Molecule (DJ)
9:30pm – Jacques
12:30am – Molecule (live)

Pearl Street Co-Op, 2000 Pearl St. (free)
paradYse/Sports Day/I OH YOU/RFB/Transgressive Records
6:30pm – The Rotten Mangos
7:30pm – MINT FIELD
8:30pm – Odetta Hartman
9:30pm – Marika Hackman
10:30pm – The Big Moon
11:30pm – Blaenavon
12:30am – Dream Wife

Plush, 617 Red River St.
Plush Drum & Bass
8:00pm – DJ TradeMark
8:30pm – grav3y
9:00pm – mluna
9:30pm – BLANG
10:00pm – Duhrdy
10:30pm – Loki
11:00pm – B1
11:30pm – DJ Kaydence
12:45am – TankTop NYC

The Rooftop Bar, 403 E 6th St. (free)
RedGorilla Music Fest
8:00pm – Little Diamonds
9:00pm – Seepeoples
10:00pm – The Outer Vibe
11:00pm – In The Pink
12:00am – DOS
1:00am – Capital City Collective

San Jac Saloon, 300 E 6th St. (free)
RedGorilla Music Fest
7:00pm – Catalina
8:00pm – Sam Burchfield
9:00pm – Alex Guthrie Band
10:00pm – Medusa’s Disco
11:00pm – Mama Juke
12:00am – Aaron Navarro

Scoot Inn, 1308 E 4th St.
7:30pm – Froth
8:15pm – Deap Vally
9:00pm – JJUUJJUU
10:00pm – Boogarins
11:00pm – Roky Erikson

ScratcHouse, 617 E 7th St.
Killing Moon/ReverbNation/Metro UK
8:15pm – Future Thieves
9:15pm – This Be The Verse
10:15pm – SuperGlu
11:15pm – Måntra
12:15am – Bad Pop
1:15am – Draper

ScratcHouse Backyard, 617 E 7th St.
Killing Moon/ReverbNation/Metro UK
8:00pm – Mt. WolfBelm
9:00pm – Reuben Bidez
10:00pm – Dawg Yawp
11:00pm – Annabel Allum
12:00am – Sykes
1:00am – Fizzy Blood

The Sidewinder Inside, 715 Red River St.
Riot Act Media & Father/Daughter Records Present: PURR MOODS
7:45pm – RF Shannon
8:45pm – Plush
9:45pm – Ratboys
10:45pm – Idle Bloom
11:45pm – Lisa Prank
12:45am – Hiccup

The Sidewinder Outside, 715 Red River St.
Riot Act Media & Father/Daughter Records Present: PURR MOODS
8:15pm – Never Young
9:15pm – Alex Napping
10:15pm – Eric Slick
11:15pm – Supermoon
12:15am – Forth Wanderers
1:15am – PILL

Spiderhouse, 2908 Fruth St. (free)
Onward Indian
8:00pm – Lady Legs
8:45pm – Fruit Tones
9:30pm – Thee MVPs
10:15pm – GT \\//
11:00pm – Pink Mexico
11:45pm – Trementina
12:30am – Dead Coast
1:15am – The Nude Party

Stay Gold, 1910 E Cesar Chavez St. (unofficial)
Michigan House
The Go Rounds
8:00pm – Stef Chura
11:30pm – Flint Eastwood

The Sunset Room, 310 3rd St. (badges only)
The Dell Experience
10:00pm – The Skins

Swan Dive, 615 Red River St.
8:00pm – Anna Wise
9:00pm – GGOOLLDD
10:00pm – The Dig
11:00pm – Vera Blue
12:00am – MICH
1:00am – Chrissy & Hawley

Swan Dive Patio, 615 Red River St.
8:00pm – Keeper
9:00pm – BAYA
10:00pm – Oscar Key Sung
11:00pm – Klyne
12:00am – Two Feet
1:00am – RYAN Playground

Tellers, 607 Trinity St.
The Nashville House
7:30pm – Ron Gallo
8:30pm – PHANGS
9:30pm – James Droll
10:30pm – EZA
11:30pm – CAPPA
12:30am – Kingsbury

Tellers Upstairs, 607 Trinity St.
The Nashville House
8:00pm – Lukr
9:00pm – MY RED + BLUE
10:00pm – Andreas Moss
11:00pm – Masha
12:00am – KOYOKE
1:00am – ELEL

Threadgill’s 301 W Riverside Dr. (unofficial)
7:00pm – Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Tinderbox Stage @ Touche, 417 E 6th St. (free)
RedGorilla Music Fest
7:00pm – Midnight Cities
8:00pm – Wolves of Chernobyl
9:00pm – Catalina
10:00pm – Little Diamonds
11:00pm – special guest
12:00am – special guest

Travis County Expo Center, 7311 Decker Ln. (unofficial)
Rodeo Austin
Cole Swindell
Monte Good
Annie & Kate
Lohman’s Crossing
Stephen Dae & the Repeat Offenders

Trinity Hall at Old School, 401 E 6th St.
Roads & Kingdoms
8:00pm – King Cayman
9:00pm – Los Reyes Vagos
10:00pm – Sierra León
11:00pm – Aurum
12:00am – Mexican Juligans
1:00am – Troker

Valhalla, 710 Red River St.
Chicken Ranch Records
7:30pm – James Stevens
8:15pm – David Vincent
9:10pm – Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5
10:05pm – Broken Gold
11:00pm – Five Eight
12:00am – The Tontons
1:00am – Peelander-Z

White Horse, 500 Comal St. (unofficial)
Coody Gold Enterprises/Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta
The Zeros
Jon Langford & the Far Forlorn
Count Vaseline
Corinne Rose

Wolfshield Ranch, 7210 Cooper Ln. (free)
Ovrid/Wolfshield Records
7:30pm – Little Father
8:15pm – Name Sayers
9:00pm – BLXPLTN
9:45pm – Outernational
10:30pm – Insects Vs Robots



Here is a handy map of all the venues: