Dirty Projectors

<img src="http://www.qromag.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/dirtyprojectorssep29.jpg" alt=" " />Seeing Dirty Projectors live is something that should immediately be put on your to do list if it has not already been added or checked...
Dirty Projectors

The Aladdin Theatre; a relatively small venue, easily filled out in the city of Portland by the mass of people that is the Dirty Projectors’ fan base.  Even Meric Long and Logan Kroeber from The Dodos (QRO live review) were spotted in the audience.  September 29th was the second show and surely grand finale of their two-night event at the Aladdin.  Following an interesting opening act to say the least (Dominique Young Unique), the Projectors were to play a truly fantastic show.

Their set was comprised of songs mostly from their three most recent albums: 2007’s Rise Above, 2008’s New Attitude, 2009’s very popular Bitte Orca (QRO review), and their most recent collaborative charity album with Björk to The National Geographic Society Oceans Initiatives, Mount Wittenberg Orca.  When you listen to The Dirty Projectors on a recording, you take for granted the detailed vocal and guitar parts.  When you see the band live, they seem to shove the obviousness of their talent right in your face.  Especially in a few of the songs from Mount Wittenberg Orca, where the three part vocal parts sang in 32nd notes were absolutely sensational.  All of the vocals on the record are sang exactly as they sound on the record when sung live, which will inevitably give you goose bumps.  Specifically the song “Beautiful Mother” features vocal parts that are unfeasibly intricate.  This being said, the Dirty Projectors set new standards for how songs should be played live.  Especially songs with complicated intricacies thought only to be a product of studio magic.

In short, after seeing the Dirty Projectors live, it is clear that they are one of the best all around bands in the indie music scene today.  Combining creative uniqueness with pure talent that is reinforced by their epic live performances, it is obvious why they eventually blew up and started to seep into the mainstream.  Seeing this live show is something that should immediately be put on your to do list if it has not already been added or checked off if you’re lucky.

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