<img src="" alt=" " />LoveLikeFire burned through the Bowery in New York City....

  The San Francisco foursome, in the middle of a cross-country, two-plus month tour came to the Big Apple’s Piano’s (QRO venue review) on an unassuming Wednesday night (a “school night”, as the singer mentioned).  But on October 8th, the group’s torch got hotter and brighter as the evening went on.

Unfortunately, the band didn’t start with their strongest material, kicking things off with some high, girl-anthem rock.  “Signs” took things a little grander, but it was really only “When to Say When” that the band brought more force to bear.  That staccato piece led into the back-to-back carrying rock of “Pissed Off My Friends” and “Boredom”, which is where the band really hit their stride.  Around then was also when Piano’s light show finally kicked in, moving from an oppressive dark red to serious flashes of color.

LoveLikeFire playing When to Say When live at Piano's in New York, NY:

However, it was with the following “William” that LoveLikeFire clearly peaked, bringing the audience into the expansive, evocative, and altogether effective rocker.  Wisely not choosing to try to top that trick, the group shifted gears into the ‘storm clouds a-gatherin’’ “Tear Ourselves Away”, whose pounding drums marched forward into whatever may come.  To finish things off, the band stormed “From a Tower”, a grand and slightly synthed epic number.

LoveLikeFire playing From a Tower live at Piano's in New York, NY:

Interestingly, “Tower” was the only track LoveLikeFire played from their 2007 An Ocean In The Air EP.  While some of their new material needs a little more weight to really explode, the band is filling out quite nicely.

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