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<img src="" alt=" " />Another sweet soul comes out of Sweden in Lykke Li, with her <i>Little Bit EP</i>. ...
7.5 LL

 Another sweet soul comes out of Sweden in Lykke Li, with her Little Bit EP. The Stockholm songstress has all the right credentials: has opened for Shout Out Louds (QRO interview), currently on tour with El Perro del Mar (QRO album review) and Anna Ternheim (QRO album review), record produced by Peter Björn and John’s Björn Yttling (Shout Out Louds’ Our Ill WillsQRO review), etc.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean a damn thing – look at ex-Concrete/“Young Folks” guest-vocalist Victoria Bergsman’s weak solo debut as Taken By Trees, Open Field (QRO review).  Luckily, Lykke Li has the pipes and the skill to stand tall.

Really an introductory, souped-up single, Little Bit EP opens with the title piece, which is also the strongest of the four tracks.  Its catchy indie-pop beat certainly sounds Swedish, but there’s a delicate restraint that gives you that tingly feeling at the back of your head, when your attention is everywhere and nowhere, all at once.  “Dance, Dance, Dance” is a cuter slice of Nordic indie-pop, but a little simple.  Stronger is the more melancholy “Everybody But Me”, which carries well, and has a nice underlying tone.  However, finisher “Time Flies” gets a little overdone at times in its fuzzy atmosphere.

Youth Novels, Lykke Li’s debut full-length, is already out in Sweden, but American audiences are going to have to wait until later this year.  Little Bit EP is a nice snack to keep the Yanks satisfied as she tours the States with fellow Swedish songstresses El Perro del Mar and Anna Ternheim.

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