Neon Marshmallow New York Preview

<div> <a href="features/features/neon_marshmallow_new_york_preview/"><img src="" alt="Neon Marshmallow NYC Preview" /></a> </div> <p> Neon Marshmallow arrives in New York City at Public Assembly (<a href="reviews/venue_reviews/public_assembly/" target="_blank"><b>QRO venue review</b></a><span style="font-weight: normal">) this...
Neon Marshmallow NYC Preview

Neon Marshmallow arrives in New York City at Public Assembly (QRO venue review) this October 14th – 16th for three days of auditory & visual hallucination, co-sponsored by QRO Magazine.  After two successful stints in Chicago, the brains behind Neon Marshmallow look to build on their bracing mix of avant-garde legends (see Rhys Chatham) and experimental pop (see La Big Vic).  The NYC edition appears to hew more towards the electronica end of the spectrum compared to the bloodied eardrum bills of the Chicago edition, but a state of the art full-spectrum Bunker sound system will ensure that every roaring decibel has its way with you.

A limited number of three day passes are available, which include access to all the shows, some freebie booze on Friday & Saturday nights, and banging after-parties.  Jump on them while they last, to catch Loren Connors, Grouper & more.  In the meantime, stay tuned for our expanding preview as QRO picks out the sounds & sights that are sure to be highlights of the fest.  See you there!

Buy complete 3 day passes & individual days passes here while they last… 

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 Friday, October 14th  
 Grouper Kevin Drumm The Men Phill Niblock James Ferrro Soiree After Party Veronica Vascika (DJ sets) Xeno & Oaklander (Performance) 
 Saturday, October 15th  
 Tim Hecker Mark Fell Phoenecia Blues Control Soiree After Party Spinoza (DJ sets) Rene Hell (Performance) 
 Sunday, October 16th  
 Day Show:  
 Rhys Chatham Loren Connors Alan Licht Ryley Walker  
 Night Show: 
 Mandelbrott & Sky La Big Vic Joe Lentini Forma  Palmetto Moon Electronic Group 
 With additional DJ sets by Emilie Friedlander, Ric Leichtung, & more.  
 Visuals by: EyeBodega, Johnny Woods, Jon Williams & Rebecca Gaffney 

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