Oh Land : Oh Land

All in all, 'Oh Land' is pleasant and entertaining and should be taken as is. ...
Oh Land : Oh Land
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Oh Land : Oh Land

Oh Land is not, surprisingly, from the Netherlands but, like her compatriots Oh No Ono (QRO album review), from Denmark.  This explains a lot when listening to her self-titled debut album.  The Scandinavian roots from Björk, ABBA and even Ace of Base are definitely present in her often poppy and sometimes darker work.

It is also obvious that the La Roux recipe for success – three measures of eighties, one measure of Euro dance, one measure of catchy lyrics, “You go down down / I fall out of love with you” – works.  “Son of a Gun” and “Voodoo” sound great in a lounge after a long day of work.  Some of the darker songs like “Perfection”, “Rainbow” or “Wolf & I” make the listener wonder what’s up with Björk (she’s well and says hi).

All in all, Oh Land is pleasant and entertaining and should be taken as is.  It does not have anything groundbreaking, but it is well produced and aimed to satisfy audiences from Copenhagen to Brooklyn, Oh Land’s new hometown.

Do not miss the last few dates of her North American tours before she flies to Europe in May.  This classically trained dancer has a clear sense of spectacle.

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