The Dodos

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The Dodos : Live


Meric LongThe stage was dimly lit at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on Monday, July 19th, as the sound of a trombone permeated the entire room with its bending distinct resonance.  This lasted a few minutes as African drumming entered the space and the ambience blended together.  The hard repetitive drumming continued, anticipation builds, and Meric Long, The Dodos’ frontman, put down his trombone and reached for his beautiful acoustic guitar.  He rapidly strummed his guitar and soon Keaton Snyderhis soft-spoken vocals merge with the music. 

This San Francisco band introduced their set with the song “Fools” from their 2008 album The Visiter.  Electric vibraphonist, Keaton Snyder, surprised the audience with his unique style of playing the xylophone – with a bow. 

The Dodos kept their Logan Foebermomentum going as they played – each time a song was about to end, it quieted into nothingness, almost disappeared completely, then out of nowhere there would be a crescendo of climbing musical continuation of their unique bluesy, syncopated drumming and speedy finger-picking.

This three-piece band sounded like an entire orchestra.  There were parts during the show where one would wonder where all the sound was coming from.  Long also showcased his guitar collection throughout their short set.  He showed off about three different guitars, including a hollow body and a bright acoustic. 

Overall, this was a very rhythmic and enjoyable set, but only lasted about seven songs, leaving one anxiously wanting more.
The Dodos

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