These United States : Everything Touches Everything

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These United States : Everything Touches Everything

When These United States put out sophomore release, Crimes (QRO review), last year, they’d taken a major step away from the more haunting side of alt-country on their debut, A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gates of Heaven, and towards the grittier, more fun side of the alt-country coin.  That their latest, Everything Touches Everything, keeps that up is no surprise.  However, the band has still somehow managed to improve on the already-great Crimes.

Everything really is that, at least in alt-country terms, as it derives from many avenues of the alt-country well, albeit still definitely more on the gritty fun side – but that’s a good thing.  From the dirty, fun road-press of opener “I Want You To Keep Everything” on, Everything is an altogether solid and accomplished record, while still being enjoyable.  Some tracks do go more for the backwoods roustabout, like the starter and the excellent title track, while “Night & The Revolution” and “The Important Thing” begin more restrained, before going into rock ‘n’ roll bigness.  Meanwhile, “Will It Ever” and “End” bring an alt-country uplift to their press.

There are a few exceptions to the more down-home nature of Everything, like the more graceful road-country “The Secret Door”, and especially closer “Good Night Wish”, a sad, beautiful coda.  But that just helps Everything Touches Everything further be one of those good time alt-country records that are also an accomplished piece of work.

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